Thursday, June 03, 2010

Top 10 Salisbury Charity Shops

Please note: I very rarely buy anything other than CDs, records, books, videos and DVDs in charity shops so this is a pretty subjective list which largely ignores clothes, bric-a-brac and jigsaws. Sorry.

1. Oxfam Books & Music
It would be number one: I work there. Aside from that, a good selection of, er, books, music and films. Slightly over-priced CDs, cheap records. Did I mention the great staff?
Barngain: Rolling Stones Rolled Gold 2CD Set, £2.99

2. Barnado's
A surprisingly good branch. Spacious and reasonable priced.
Barngain: Black Uhuru Liberation: The Island Anthology 2CD Set, £2.99

3. Oxfam
Handily located next door to Oxfam Books & Music.

4. British Heart Foundation
Average. Lots of videos.
Barngain: M83 Dead Cities, Red Seas and Lost Ghosts, £1.99

5. The Hospice Shop
Narrow but long, pretty cheap; CDs £1

6. British Red Cross
A recent 'makeover' means there's not much in there at all now.
Barngain: Blue Brothers OST CD, £1

7. Cancer Research
Quite small and not very interesting. Another dreaded makeover.
Barngain: Peppa Pig Train Set, as new, £2

8. Dogs Trust
Seems to specialise in, er, stuff for dogs. Nevertheless, quite good, cheap, if a bit twee.

9. Sue Ryder
A bit smelly.
Barngain: X-Ray Spex Let's Submerge: Anthology 2CD Set, £1

10. Scope
A bit dark and smelly for my liking. Poor book, DVD and CD selection. Never made a purchase.


Below the Fold: South Wilts Mencap
Most charity shops seem to be going through a makeover nowadays, which usually translates as more space and light (and hiked up prices), but less stuff. If you like your charity shop full of crap, like I sometimes do, this is your place. Unfortunately it looks and smells like a dead old person's jumble sale. I've only been in once; I'm too scared to go in again.

March 2011 Update
There's a new charity shop in town: a YMCA across the road from the British Red Cross shop. It seems pretty good. And Barnado's has had a makeover.

December 2011 Update
The YMCA has gone already. But a few doors down from the regular Barnado's is a new Children's Barnado's. It looks good.

2013 Update
It's difficult keeping up to date with all the charity shops opening and closing in Salisbury. Along from the Dogs Trust on the other side of the road (near the bridge) is a shiny, spacious Children's Society. On the corner of the High Street (if you're heading towards the cathedral) is the Trussel Trust which feels like a boutique with prices to match. Mainly clothes with some bric-a-brac. Opposite the Barnado's for children is one called Alabare (which I haven't been in).


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I bet there ain't more than 10 charity shops in Salisbury so its a pretty arbitrary 'top 10' wouldnt you say?

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