Thursday, June 17, 2010

Top 10 Greatest Missed Barngains

These are barngains I've either just missed by seconds, or have gone back later to buy and – surprise, surprise – found they've been bought, at car boot sales or charity shops in the last year or so.

1. Beatles White Album LP – £6
Oxfam, Trowbridge
Low stamp number means it could be worth £1000+.

2. 24 Boxed Sets Seasons 1-6 – £10 the lot
Crockerton Car Boot Sale, Wiltshire
At least £17 each new online. Season 1 was sealed.

3. Tina Print by JH Lynch (glass front and framed) – £5
Frome Car Boot Sale, Somerset
Sells for £50+ on eBay.

4. Sylvanian Families Tree House (boxed) – £10
Local Fete
Ridiculously expensive toy animals. House would cost at least £60.

5. 'Vintage' Playmobil Circus (boxed) – £5
Ashton Common Car Boot Sale
My daughter would have loved it.

6. Fat Mattress LP – £2
Local Charity Shop
Formed by Noel Redding (of the Jimi Hendrix Experience). £20+ on eBay

7. Flight of the Concords DVD – £3
Frome Car Boot Sale
Very funny.

8. Andy Warhol's Chelsea Girls Print – £1
Bockett's Farm Car Boot Sale
Possibly not worth much, but a great poster.

9. Amon Duul II – Phallus Dei LP – £2
Local Charity Shop
Sells for around £20 on eBay.

10. Herzog's Nosferatu A1 Poster – £2
Bockett's Farm Car Boot Sale
Again, a great poster.

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