Wednesday, June 23, 2010


The sandwich girl is from Gisborne, New Zealand. This is the first time we’ve spoken: I’m muttering about logos, she gets a text message and exclaims, ‘My friends have just arrived in Thailand. They say it’s paradise.’
‘Paradise? What, Bangkok?’
‘No – they’re on an island now.’
As she’s leaving, I’m like, ‘So I guess you didn’t spend 2000 in Gisborne. Wasn't David Bowie there?’
‘There’s nothing in Gisborne – it’s all beaches, mountains... it’s boring.’
Me (sarcastic): ‘Yeah, it sounds boring!’
‘Well, I’m past all that. I’m on a higher plane.’
What? As a sandwich girl in South Wimbledon? I thought but didn't say it.

(Early 2000, South Wimbledon)

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