Tuesday, June 15, 2010

James Murphy: The Emperor's Old Clothes

James Murphy, aka LCD Soundsystem, can do no wrong. His third, and final album as LCD Soundsystem, This is Happening, has had great reviews. He's just done the soundtrack to hip indie flick Greenberg (see yesterday). He is, in the media's eye anyway, the epitome of cool. How this has come about, I'm not exactly sure. To me, he looks the epitome of average. This is an almost overweight middle-aged man who looks like his natural domain would be working in B&Q*. He's often to be seen in photo shoots wearing wacky/cool outifts, such as large white sunglasses with a mod-style suit. Sorry, he looks like an idiot in fancy dress.

*Other 'cool', 'sexy' famous people who chose the wrong career include: Justin Timberlake (true calling: McDonald's worker); Russell Crowe/Colin Farrell (true calling: dustmen); Colin Firth (true calling: accountant); Tom Cruise (true calling: motivational speaker); George Clooney (true calling: lawyer); Johnny Depp (true calling: bookshop assistant).

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