Monday, February 14, 2011


Six years in the making.*
46 Films and Videos.
On two DVDs.
Lasting over five hours.

The most arduous viewing experience since Warhol's Empire movie (or Dylan's Renaldo & Clara).
*with a four-year gap for financial, technical and purely apathetic reasons.

Homeless Movies [hohm-lis moo-vees]

1. Films without a home; rootless; unwanted.
2. Less or worse quality than home movies.

Yes, the Homeless Movies DVD is finally out – j
ust in time for the 20th anniversary of the early classics: Red Lipstick, Blood & Rain and Darker than Night. It's a double-disc set consisting of forty-six films and videos that I either made or worked on from 1991 to 2010. All the films and videos have been re-edited and digitally remastered with new titles, effects, sounds and music. But don't worry – they're still rubbish. You've probably already seen some of them on YouTube, but now you get to own them. And get a cool booklet. And postcards.

The films are handily divided into six self-explanatory chronological sections: Putney Movies, College Movies, Foreign Movies, Other Movies, Home Movies and Bonus Bits N Bobs – some never seen before!

The DVD has a very limited release, so grab a copy while you can! Available to buy on Etsy.

• All the classics including Red Lipstick, Darker Than Night, Blood & Rain, Face to Face, The Woman with the Hundred Hairless Heads, The Red Whine, Desire, Hope & Bourbon, Warminster Carnival… and many more!

• Music by Rumpelstiltskin, Bob Dylan, Leonar
d Cohen, Tortoise, Boards of Canada, Steve Reich, Broadcast and the Focus Group, Young Marble Giants, Brian Eno, Eric Satie, Van Morrison, Sun Ra, Jack Nitzsche, Michael Nyman, Neil Young, Beck, The Eurythmics… and many more!

• 12-page booklet, 'A Cinema of Disappointment'

• Five exclusive movie poster postcard
Getting the DVD:
If you worked on any of the films or videos in any capacity, you will get the DVD free of charge (if you want one), posted to you or given to you in person; if you know me (but didn't work on one), and buy me a beer or two, you'll probably get one free of charge (if you want one); if you don't know me at all and want one (highly improbable but you never know), you'll have to pay for it: email me at for details. It'll probably be £15 including p&p, payable via PayPal (think that's expensive? Listen, it cost over £20 a copy just to get it produced).

For best results: watch the DVD on an old analogue 4:3 CTR TV
For worst results: watch the DVD on your brand new 40" widescreen digital TV or computer

The DVD goes really well with: Gullible Travels, the book I'm still plugging. You can match the faces (in the videos) to the names (in the book).

Got the book and the DVD? Congratulations: you know everything there is to know about me.

Special thanks to: JMS Attwell; Pink Pigeon for doing a great job on the authoring.

Buy it now on Etsy.


Mel said...

I can personally attest to the beauty and quality of this product, but get it for the postcards and cover if nothing else. A true design classic, with literally HOURS of entertainment thrown in too! What more can I say?

**** Yes, that's a four-star rating.

Jude said...

I can also attest to the fact that if all the time spent on this project had been directed toward finding gainful employment then things would now be different.
Nevertheless, very amusing, a good archive and well
slung together!


Mel said...

Nice one Jude!

Anonymous said...

Who's the guy in the trailer? He has a nice ass.

Barnaby said...

You should see his beard.

Brother said...

One can truely say:
'An absolute classic'

Great cinematography; fine acting; atmospheric lighting; wonderful umbrella holding skills; marvellous soundtracks and effects; unique layout and design of the titles, postcards and posters for the DVD....what more can one say.
Buy it before its too late.

Barnaby said...

Thanks, bro. All you say is true.

chris said...

After our civilisation has long since crumbled, many years from this current high point, it is more than possible that these splendid discs will be uncovered from sites around the world by beings who, using unrecognisable DVD technology, proclaim the artistic voice behind them as eternally significant. And while one should be cautious about predicting the future, presumably there is every chance that these beings may even go as far as to set up blogs on the subject.

Barnaby said...

It's unlikely, but a lovely thought nonetheless.

raven said...

After all the enthusiastic ratings I can barely contain my excitement and look forward to receiving aforementioned design classic featuring someone with a nice ass. I will be checking my postbox daily in anticipation ...

For the benefit of other readers please note that the extreme rarity and cult value of this product has reached the antipodes, where we await deliveries!

Barnaby said...

Thanks Raven. The DVD has indeed gone global, with equally eagerly awaited copies being dispatched to such far-flung locations as Budapest, New Orleans, Texas and, er, Bromley.

William said...

It's like Taryn played Edie Sedgwick to your Andy Warhol. And that's not overstating it.

Barnaby said...

I love that analogy, William. Obviously I take it as a compliment.

bobbyonion said...

A great little collection of films with wonderful packaging to boot. It's great to finally have a copy of your New Orleans documentary which I still hold as your best. When's the sequel, Barn? When's the sequel?

Barnaby said...

Thanks Rob. A post-Katrina sequel is a great idea. Couldn't really say when; most probably never.

jake said...

amazing, but brutal. watching some of these made me feel like something inside of me died. like i had to sell everything i own. like i froze up inside.