Monday, July 06, 2015

Top ten affliction films

That is, films that feature characters with afflictions. Not films that are afflicted, nor Afflicted, a 2013 horror film, nor any film starring Ben Afflick(ted).

1. Freaks [Various]
2. Psycho [Psycho]
3. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest [Mental illness]
4. Repulsion [Psycho]
5. The Elephant Man [Deformity]
6. Taxi Driver [Post-traumatic stress disorder]
7. 12 Monkeys [Mental illness]
8. It's a Wonderful Life [Deafness]
9. Shock Corridor [Mental illness; journalism]
10. Jacob's Ladder [Post-traumatic stress disorder]

Also worth a visit: 
Donnie Darko [Hallucinations]
My Own Private Idaho [Narcolepsy]
Silver Linings Playbook [Mental illness/nymphomania]
Still Alice [Alzheimer's]
What's Eating Gilbert Grape? [Developmental disability] 
Keane [Mental illness/delusion] 
Rain Man [Autism] 
As Good As It Gets [OCD] 
An Angel At My Table [Shyness]
The Butterfly Effect [Abuse, trauma] 
Melancholia [Depression] 
Pi [Social anxiety disorder, paranoia] 
Punch-Drunk Love [Social ineptitude] 
Forrest Gump [Intellectual disability] 
Electricity [Autism] 
My Left Foot [Cerebral palsy]
A Beautiful Mind [Paranoid schizophrenia]

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