Sunday, November 06, 2011

Who's that girl?

Search on Google images for 'female student' and she appears at number six. But rather than being the epitome of a young, pretty student on her way to college, to most she is the face you see when the website you're looking for no longer exists. It's tough being a stock image, not knowing in what context your photo will be used.

In my case, she fronts my now-defunct website,, which I am quite happy about. The site was so ugly anyway, I actually prefer the design now, with her smug smile promising faraway delights. Where is she now? What is she doing? Has she got her PhD in Chemical Engineering? Is she married? Is she happy?

Anyway, I actually felt a bit sad deleting the website; almost like admitting a relationship wasn't working and terminating it. Happily, the book can still be bought from I will incorporate parts of the old Gullible Travels website into at some point.

But you know what I saw the other day in a charity shop? Billy Connolly's Gullible's Travels, published in 1982. Gah. It's impossible to have an original pun these days.

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