Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Notes on cycling

Just as old people suddenly start wearing clothes in hues of beige and pastels, and usually calm people turn crazy once behind a car wheel, so cyclists once on their bikes dress like utter prats and cycle like kamikaze pilots. Me, I feel positively under dressed in jeans and a shirt, and no crash helmet. Well, I have just quit smoking so I need some kind of suicidal tendency. But at least I obey the general rules of the road whilst on my bike. Such as stopping at red lights and providing hand signals. Which no other cyclists seem to do. Indeed many of them look as if they intentionally cycle in front of moving vehicles. Fancy being run over like that: looking like a prat.

A recent survey to determine whether the government's recent scheme on encouraging cycling had succeeded resulted in a big 'no'. It seems the general public still think of cyclists in terms of either obsessives or weirdos.

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