Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bands named after actors

Dennis Hopper Choppers
Marilyn Manson
Rock of Travolta
Mr T Experience
The Real Tuesday Weld
The Wynona Riders
Gay for Johnny Depp
Orlando Boom
Jodie Foster's Army
Com Truise

Half of these names remind me of those pornos which take regular films and give them a porno twist (not that I've seen any of them), such as:

Star Whores
Forrest Hump
A Clockwork Orgy
The Da Vinci Load
The Hills Have Thighs
From Lust Till Dawn
Bareback Mountain
The XXXorcist
Edward Penishands
Butt Pirates of the Caribbean

Sort of. Maybe it's just me, but you could have Orlando Boom and Gay for Johnny Depp starring in Butt Pirates of the Caribbean. Say. Or Rock of Travolta starring in Saturday Night Beaver (I thought I just made this one up – but of course it's already an actual porno film, a tribute disco band, a women's night club and a hilarious and quirky birthday card, etc).

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