Saturday, June 18, 2011

Overheard #7

Two elderly men in a charity shop; they don't know each other. The small one approaches the tall one.

– You look just like John Cleese.
– What? [Didn't hear and taken aback]
– You look just like John Cleese.
– What? [Didn't understand]
– You look just like John Cleese, the comedian.
– Oh. Do I? [Confused]
– Yes, you look just like him.
– Oh, the comedian… from…
– Yes, from Fawlty Towers. You look just like him. You're as tall as him and… you've got a moustache. Just like him.
– Oh, really?
– Yes, has no one ever said that to you before? We could do a double act. I could be the waiter and you could be Basil. Basil!
– Oh. Yes. Ha. [Feigning laughter he moves away, perhaps in a Basil Fawltyesque manner]

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