Saturday, June 04, 2011

In the news…

Good: Prime minister David Cameron is to back a plan to ban shops selling adult, sexually suggestive pre-teen clothes, in a report leaked to the Guardian newspaper. Other measures include displaying lads magazines in brown covers and age ratings for music videos in the review entitled Let Children be Children.
Bad: Conservative-run Wandsworth Council have started charging children to use a local park.

Good: The Whitechapel gallery is showing some of the Government's Art Collection, the first time the art has been shown in a British public art gallery.
Bad: Apparently owned by the British public, the Government Art Collection, along with the Royal Collection and the Arts Council Collection, consists of over 30,000 works of art. The collection is priceless. For example, the Queen has in her 'care' some 600 Leonardo drawings. Seeing as the public – who owns them, remember – is never going to see 99% of the art (nor is anyone else: most of it is in storage) we should just sell it all. Maybe then we wouldn't need all these cuts.

Good: Apparently Krispy Kreme doughnuts are so popular in the UK that they will double their number of outlets in the next five years. It seems many people find them irresistible.
Bad: Get a grip, they're only doughnuts, fatty. Unsold doughnuts are thrown away rather than given away.

Good: We are semi-officially in a new epoch: now is the age of the Anthropocnene, which means the age of man.
Bad: It's the beginning of the end!

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