Sunday, July 01, 2018

Water in the films of Andrei Tarkovsky

Water in the films of Tarkovsky (other motifs in his films include fire, dogs and horses) always looks so lush and inviting (when it doesn't include falling masonry). Characters in his films rarely change to bathe – they usually go into the water fully-clothed. His water is often subterranean and where it shouldn’t be; an abandoned building, a leaking ceiling (sometimes in a dream or fantasy sequence). Whatever its context, I always want to be in it. The camera lingers on it, zooms into it, characters stare at it, verdant underwater plants dance in it. Only the animated films of Studio Ghibli come close to showing the beauty of water.

From top to bottom: two from Stalker; Andrei Rublev; Mirror; Nostalgia; The Sacrifice; two from Solaris


Caspar said...

Now you've made me want to see Stalker again too. Seeing that film at the Electric Cinema in Notting Hill as a young undergraduate new to London was a real treat. I was approximately one third of my way through my life so far at the time - I've had two thirds since. Flippin' 'eck - where does the time go? I can account for today - I was getting pissed round our neighbours' place. But the other 36-odd years? Whoosh.....

Barnaby said...

Stalker is one of my fave films ever. Author Geoff Dyer wrote a whole book about it, Zona. Worth a read. Probably blogged about it before.

Yes it’s interesting seeing a film years later and remembering where you were the first time you watched it, and where you are now. Hopefully you’ve learnt some of life’s lessons!

Post on a similar theme:

You still have another third to go Casps… and another 20 years of work! Make the most of them… but yes I know what you mean.

Caspar said...

Thanks! I'll certainly make the most of my (gulp) remaining years..... one of these days.