Tuesday, May 22, 2018

It's a Shame About Ray – the book

Yes, this is now an actual thing. What started off as a drunken laugh in the pub is now, a week later, an actual book – well, once I get it printed of course. It's a Shame About Ray – named after the classic Lemonheads album – is a tribute to production manager Ray, his B2B magazine flatplans, and the cornucopia of puns that go with the man and the name.

And what an array of Rays: from Blu-Ray, Stingray and Ray Gun to the Milky Ray, 50 Shades of Ray and Ray of Hope, all the clichés – and more – are featured in one handy 28-page, A5 booklet. A fitting panegyric to the man and his work, it is also the perfect companion to my previous Rashisms: The Book of Rash, as Ray and Rash both worked together.

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Narinder Dhanjal said...

Absolutely genius Barnflakes - a wonderful and very witty and beautifully designed set of pages in homage to The Ray Man!

Brilliant stuff - I love it and I'm sure the man of the hour himself will love it too - Ray is now officially a post modern page icon and king of the Pageist Art Movement, this is Dadaism for the modern age. And to think the artist Man Ray was a major contributor to the Dada movement! See, Ray's name is one that just keeps on giving!

Splendid work dear Barnaby and I now truly feel a Ray of hope in my existence. You must get this printed and Ray can ensure its pages are printed in time by the strict deadline, haha!

Cheers my friend!

NARINDER (Dj Fuzz Guru)

Barnaby said...

Thank you for your kind words Psychedelic Sikh! It was a labour of love and I couldn't have done it without your help. It would only be right for the prince of the pages to oversee the printing process.