Sunday, April 17, 2016

Courtyard cress* haiku

Covet the courtyard cress
as it covers the corners
of the cobblestones

 *It looks like cress but is actually soleirolia soleirolii, commonly known as mind-your-own-business or baby’s tears.

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Anonymous said...

Hakiku 2:

It's not cress you fool
What's it called then know-it-all?

T-1000 said...

Lifestyle haiku blog1:

So,what's happening?
Nothing much.Just hanging out.
Get a life loser.

The Shard said...

Courtyard Haiku..

Echoes of the past
the cigarettes have been smoked
Only the Legends remain

Death to Athene said...

Who knows the darkness
That lies in the hearts of men?
The Shard knows.

Shart said...

The Great Courtyard Flood
The cigarettes floating past
Only the stones remain

The Shard said...

The Great Courtyard Flood 2

Courtyard Flooding
Cigarettes seeking refuge
In Baby's Tears