Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Three animal dreams

1. Two Moomins riding a large white hare through the dark snowy streets of Helsinki.

2. Again in a dark street, we spot a 30-foot high squirrel. I get my iPhone out and get some photos of it – then it's on the move. We give chase, being careful not to get too close. It enters a building, maybe a museum, and we follow it cautiously, taking more photos along the way. We find it in the corner of a huge dark room, its eyes are massive.

3. I've bought a huge fish tank, takes up about half the living room. To start with, I just add a few tropical fish and some plants. Day-to-day the contents seem to expand, and it gradually turns into a swampland with dinosaur-era foliage. Insects fly around it, vicious-looking fish and other small dinosaur-like creatures emerge. It gets beyond my control. My parents come round to take a look; my mum puts her hand in the tank and gets bit.

I was working closely with a colleague when I had this dream, and told him about it one day. He looked stunned: he's had a very similar dream once a week for thirteen years. But he did used to work in a pet shop, and a bit of an expert on aquariums.

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