Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Brand new!

Announcing the new Barnflakes website, which now concentrates on my design work. I hadn't updated the old for at least five years and have been meaning to make it look vaguely professional for almost as long. Hence, you may have noticed, the non-work stuff (ALTON BLUES, T.E.A. THEORY, BARNACLES, BARGAINS and BARNFACTS) has now been transferred to pages on this blog (see just below the masthead) enabling to consist entirely of my graphic design work. It's a bit of a premature announcement as I've really only just started it but wanted to get it underway before 2016 (and get rid of the dreadful old site). Lots more to add in the next few weeks. Enjoy. But not too much.

My old portfolio site, is also now defunct. Blogger has the most old-fashioned looking blog templates on the web (and even its spell checker doesn't recognise the word 'blog'), but I'm stuck with this one: I'm not even going to attempt to move ten years (yes, next year this blog is ten years old) worth of posts (784 to be exact) to another site. I'll attempt to write more next year, too.

Happy New Year folks.

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Anonymous said...

The new website's looking great! Well done B!