Saturday, February 28, 2015

Top ten short films

1. Un Chien Andalou (Bunuel/Dali, 1929, 21mins)
2. Meshes in the Afternoon (Deren/Hammid, 1943, 14min)
3. Scorpio Rising (Anger, 1963, 30mins)
4. La Jetée (Marker, 1963, 26mins)
5. Dimensions of Dialogue (Švankmajer, 1982, 14mins)
6. A Propos de Nice (Vigo, 1930, 25mins)
7. The Grandmother (Lynch, 1970, 33mins)
8. Girl Chewing Gum (Smith, 1976, 11mins)
9. Necrology (Roll Call of the Dead) (Lawder, 1971, 12mins)
10. Artwar (Keen, 1993, 5mins)


Lost in Kiwiland said...

Darker than Night (Attwell, B., 1992) classic short film from the video archives featuring some local characters and innovative filming.

Caspar said...

Don't know all of these, but the top four are certainly all brilliant. I reckon the best Jeff Keen one is Mad Love, but hey ho.

PS – A sub-editor writes: It's Maya Deren, not Daren!

Barnaby said...

Darker than Night fell just outside the top ten, unfortunately.

Casper – wasn't sure which Keen to go for (they're all great) but definitely wanted to include one.

PSS – Not just A sub-editor but THE sub-editor!

Caspar said...

Yup, I'm the subbest of them all!