Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Top ten bands

1. Velvet Underground
2. Roxy Music
3. Sex Pistols
4. The Fall
5. Beach Boys
6. My Bloody Valentine
7. Rolling Stones
8. Beastie Boys
9. The Who
10. Belle and Sebastian

Sometimes, the best bands are like the best TV series (Faulty Towers, The Office) – they don't overstay their welcome. Fawlty Towers had only one season; The Office had two. The Velvet Underground produced only three albums; The Sex Pistols only one proper. Roxy Music made eight and they are all perfect. The Stones, on the other hand (though a great singles band), have quite possibly only ever made one great album (Exile on Main Street). Queen never made a brilliant album (except Greatest Hits).

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Caspar said...

A picky, opinionated sub-editor writes:

There was only one series of Ripping Yarns (to the best of my recollection), which was much funnier than Fawlty Towers.

The Velvet Underground produced only three albums

Well, the 'real' VU with both John Cale & Lou Reed only did 3 albums, but there were quite a few more without one or both of them.

Barnaby said...

Two (short) series according to Wiki. I hadn't heard of it; will check it out. Fawlty Towers is still funny after all these years.

Yes, true about the VU. The first three are the classics but there are loads of bootlegs, live albums and box sets.