Thursday, February 27, 2014

Spam for (naked) lunch?

A recent spam email, below the crudely rendered logo for Viagara and Cialis (with the word PROFESSIONAL erroneously spelt PROFFESIONAL), contained the following text (reproduced in full below). I was enraptured; not since William Burroughs' cut-up technique has seemingly random sentences contained such unexpected savage beauty and insight.

Every interior algebra homomorphism is a topomorphism, but not every topomorphism is an interior algebra homomorphism. July Erie Art Museum, Erie, PA. Harlan Cemetery was also founded in 1890. Board of Guardians there. CIO, King County Labor Council of Washington. Association of New York City. The number of operating wineries increased in Illinois from 3 in 1985, to 12 in 1997, to 63 in 2004, and 79 in 2008. Scenery around the town is excellent and charming. Astronomische Nachrichten, volume 265, p. Although the deal was in place, the move failed to be finalised due to financial problems at the Wiltshire based club. Chris spots the missing Ruu, but two aliens, Kyyui and Lava, kidnapped the missing Ruu. Revelations from God . Big Bad Wolf's three pup sons, all of whom just as eager for a taste of the pigs as their father. Euoplocephalus tail club NHM. Earth and Moon and can account for the relatively small metallic core of the Moon. On May 25, the town plot was registered in Wayne County. Town of Peace River identified themselves as Christians while 26. Since then, she has written and directed numerous television programs. Marrowbone Lane as far back as 1743. The situation for the soldiers and the inhabitants, massed in the very reduced space of the old city, soon proved unbearable. Poles opposing the military occupation of their country. Squadron in its move to Toowoomba. Vudu had signed deals with many movie studios and independent distributors to deliver access to nearly 5,000 films. Jimmy Carter, Human Rights, and Cambodia. Building 1071, Camp Shelby, Forrest County, Mississippi, USA. Adjutant General Kibbe stated that this company was well drilled, very efficient and armed with rifled muskets. He never retired from the company, but after an illness in 1897 he slowed down and began working fewer road trips. Later in the year, a new girl joins the school, Eileen Reagan. This school has seen a revived interest in development and understanding since the later part of 20th century. VLIW processors and their compilers. Independent World Class is the only class with no age restrictions. Capriati then embarked on a remarkably successful clay court campaign. In 1989 the museum was expanded with the neighbouring Saxild House which is used for special exhibitions. Lecher, RI, et al. In 2009 a Fell Race, known as The Whaley Waltz, was added to the Rose Queen programme and annually attracts over 180 runners. They would then make a video of them doing the dance which would be posted on the show's Facebook page. Customers can share recommendations with their friends, see what they are downloading, and let them see items of interest. The kahuna is endorsed by Ricky Ponting. Then a twist was unleeshed. Polish forces in the United Kingdom until their demobilization in 1947.

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