Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Top ten most boring bands – EVER!

1. R.E.M.
2. Oasis
3. Manic Street Preachers
4. Primal Scream
5. Snow Patrol
6. Radiohead
7. Bruce Hornsby and the Range
8. Counting Crows
9. Stereophonics
10. Pearl Jam


Anonymous said...

sez u.

Mel said...

Surely Coldplay is the most boring band in the world?

Barnaby said...

Perhaps... but I don't mind them. Meant to be quite exciting live.

Raven said...

Oh, there are a host of others that my colleague persists in playing full-volume in the studio (including the likes of Coldplay). Isn't it wonderful that we are all so different though. It's those generic radio-friendly bands that make others so deliciously obscure and wonderful

Caspar said...

I'm late to this one. Would agree with practically all of these. A blog post alone is nowhere near enough to convey the sheer staggering awfulness of Manic Street Preachers - that would take a stonking big book, which of course no one would buy. But I disagree with you about Radiohead, who frequently bung more ideas into one song than many bands manage in a career.
So I'd suggest you drop Radiohead from the list and replace them with UB40.
Glad I've got that out of my system.

Barnaby said...

I may replace Radiohead with U2 but not UB40. How can the band that wrote Rat in Mi Kitchen possibly be boring?