Friday, April 13, 2012

London through its charity shops #22: Kentish Town

Kentish Town, NW5, is located in the borough of Camden and pretty close to Camden Town. There is both a tube and train station and most of its shops are along the main road, Kentish Town Road, including its charity shops.

Pdsa, for pets in need of vets, is okay, mainly clothes with quite a few books and some records. Some dreadfully dull 'new vintage' stuff too. A oldish woman who works in the Age UK used to be an extra in the 1980s kids TV programme Grange Hill. She used to appear on the show with a friend of hers who was obsessed with getting famous, and used go on about it all the time. Well, life hasn't exactly turned out that way for her, seeing that she now has a big part in Eastenders. Be careful for what you wish for. Age UK was very nice, with lots of books, CDs and colourful clothes.

A bit further along is a small and cramped Oxfam Books & Music, great for a rummage. A fair selection of books, records, magazines, CDs, DVDs and videos, it's a pretty cool place but, as usual for Oxfam, overpriced. There's a regular Oxfam a few doors along selling clothes, bric-a-brac and some toys.

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