Sunday, January 22, 2012

Woody Allen's wise cracks

Woody Allen's film titles – white EF Windsor on black with some old jazz on the soundtrack – have remained reassuringly constant for decades.

I seldom think of Woody Allen as one of my favourite directors, but maybe I should. I mean, I love all his films, even his less successful ones. And though we may think of his films as 'mere' comedies, perhaps they should be taken more seriously. After 41 films, we should be calling Allen an auteur. There aren't many other directors in modern cinema who have produced such a rich, funny, thematically consistent yet stylistically diverse body of work.

Starting today, the BFI are having a season of Allen's films, Wise Cracks: The Comedies of Woody Allen. Of course, Manhattan is already fully booked. have rated every Allen film from worst to best.

More about Woody's favourite font here.

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