Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lookalikes #10: Thomson and Thompson

Ole Ahlerg's Magritte-like painting of Thomson and Thompson

Though 80s synth band The Thompson Twins named themselves after the bumbling detectives in Tintin, Thomson and Thompson (Dupont et Dupond in French) aren't actually twins – they don't have the same surname for a start. However, they do look very alike; in fact the only way to tell them apart is from the shape of their moustaches – Thomsons curves outwards at the bottom.

• Steven Spielberg's animated film version of Tintin, The Secret of the Unicorn, is due out towards the end of the year. Jamie Bell plays Tintin; Gollum is Captain Haddock; Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are Thomson and Thompson; Daniel Craig is Red Rackham. The trailer's just out for it. Using the same kind of animation as Polar Express, it's gonna be awful and pointless, lacking HergĂ©'s genius, charm and humour.

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