Sunday, July 07, 2013

Notes on Scotch eggs

Perhaps because they're old fashioned or unhealthy, people don't seem to like Scotch eggs any more (or at least take them seriously). In my office they're dismissively referred to a brain rattling round in a skull. No idea why. Long considered a picnic food, the Scotch egg was invented by Fortnum & Mason in 1738 (and isn't Scottish). Considering they are so portable, they should be marketed as a quick, on the move, breakfast food. After all, they contain half the ingredients of an English breakfast: egg, sausage and, at a stretch, toast (well, baked breadcrumbs, not too far off). Originally served hot with gravy, some Scotch eggs contain bacon and black pudding too (to make it even more of an English breakfast – all it needs now is mushrooms and baked beans added).

It reminds me vaguely of a George monologue in an episode of Seinfeld. George was eating a tomato (in the manner of an apple) and wondering why people don't generally eat it like they do an apple; walking round and munching on it, rather than always being in a salad. I say the same about the Scotch egg; let's take it out from the picnic basket and into the on-the-go breakfast arena.

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