Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Inside album cover of the day: Naked City

I have no idea why whenever I have a post with the words sex or babes or even skinny dipping in the title, it gets hundreds more hits than any other posts. My post for Roxy Music's Country Life, featuring scantily clad women, has been viewed over 35,000 times (and comes up near the top of Google images when searching for it). John Zorn's Naked City was released in 1989 and features a black and white photo of a dead man on the cover. The inside contains illustrations by Japanese manga artist Maruo Suehiro, who seems to specialise in images of graphic sex and violence. I love the Japanese: so repressed on the one hand, so perverse on the other.

This autumn the British museum is to host an exhibition of 16th-19th century Japanese erotic art. Seems they've always been perverse, the Japanese.

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