Saturday, July 06, 2013

Kim Bauer vs. Dana Brody

Never happy... Kim and Dana
Has there ever been two more annoying female characters on American TV than Kim and Dana? Kim Bauer is Jack Bauer's daughter in 24; Dana Brody is Nicholas Brody's daughter in Homeland. Dana has been dubbed the most hated TV character since Kim. Hate is a strong word to use but they both seem remarkably pointless. At least Kim is attractive. Dana is whiny, insolent and sullen. But both are prone to getting into perilous misadventures (read: tedious side plots) involving either hit and runs or cougar traps. Both distract their fathers from the serious business of saving and/or destroying the world (or whatever it is they do).

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Joman said...

Totally agreed. Dana Brody is the new Kim Bauer.