Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Top 10 favourite words

1. Obstreperous
2. Bucolic
3. Mellifluous
4. Onomatopoeia
5. Serendipity
6. Lagoon
7. Factotum
8. Pluck
9. Nestle
10. Turquoise

(FACTS in FILMS: I've written about music in films recently but I also like obscure FACTS in films. In Barney's Version, a woman who Barney falls in love with on his wedding day tells him of the origin of Montecristo cigars – the women who traditionally rolled the cigars liked to have books read to them when rolling. Their favourite book was The Count of Monte Cristo. The phrase 'cellar door' is often cited as being one of the most beautiful in the English language; this is mentioned in a scene in the film Donnie Darko.)


Caspar said...

So you do like the Beatles after all, then? But presumably if there were a Residents Greatest Hits, that would be on your list. They should put one out.

As for 'cellar door', it's actually 'celador' (Spanish word for 'watchman' imported into English), often misheard as, er, 'cellar door'. Probably only considered beautiful by English speakers when pronounced with the initial sibilant 'c' sound rather than the Spanish 'th'.

Oh, and yes, Exile on Main Street is brilliant.

Barnaby said...

Ah, sub-editor strikes again! I don't mind the Beatles, just don't listen to them. The Residents are better, though not sure they have any hits as such.

Regarding cellar door, I was only going by what Wikipedia said, though I trust you way more, especially when you use words like sibilant.

Caspar said...

Yes, that's an essential part of the sub-editor's arcane art - to bamboozle people with words like 'sibilant'.
I was being a little bit tongue-in-cheek with my Residents Greatest Hits suggestion, although you don't really need to have had hits to put out a 'Best Of…' collection. However, it's moot as to whether you can tell the Residents' best stuff from their worst.

Barnaby said...

Yes, I realise you were being tongue-in-cheek but chose to ignore it. I guess 'Best of' is a way of getting round a band having no 'Greatest Hits'.

I bet when you were young you liked the Residents. This whole being into the Beatles thing is a symptom of being old.

Moot is also one of my favourite words. I was going to write a post about its relation to 'point'; you hardly ever see a moot without a point.

Caspar said...

A low blow, sir. You only mentioned the bit about being old because you know I'm old. Actually I've always liked the Beatles. How could anyone not?
Not quite true about the Residents. Many years ago when I was young (yes, even I was young once) I used to have Duck Stab on vinyl. I wanted to like it - I even tried to - but it just didn't work. I think it was those hideous varispeed vocals that turned me off the most. Just awful.

Barnaby said...

Ok, fair enough. Yes, I've always liked the Beatles too. The Residents are hard work, though their album Eskimo is very interesting.