Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Marc Bolan's Barnes Rock Shrine

After picking up a double LP of T-Rex's Greatest Hits in a charity shop for £1, I remembered that Marc Bolan had died round the corner from where I live, in Barnes, Southwest London, just before his 30th birthday in September 1977. His girlfriend, American singer Gloria Jones, was driving home with Bolan (who couldn't drive) when she lost control of the car and hit a tree on Queens Road. Bolan died instantly; Jones suffered only minor injuries. Marc Bolan's home, a short distance away at 142 Upper Richmond Road in East Sheen, was looted by 'fans' who took most of his possessions.

Though he is buried in Golders Green, the site of his death soon became a shrine with fans leaving flowers, notes, photos, and, of course, white swans and feather boas. In 1997 the memorial stone was created. In 1999 the T-Rex Action Group (TAG) was formed to care for the site. The bust was unveiled in 2002 by Marc's son, Rolan Bolan. Since 2007, the site has been officially recognised by The English Tourist Board as Marc Bolan's Rock Shrine in their Guide to Sights of Rock 'n' Roll Importance.

Nearby: Sir Richard Burton's Bedouin Tent Tomb


CPN (Campaign for Proper Names) said...

Rolan Bolan?? I ask you... This is why society is like it is - too many comedy names.

Barnaby said...

Ah, come on, this was the 1970s, comedy names were all the rage. There's no excuse nowadays, though, granted.