Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lookalikes #8: Paul Anderson & Paul Anderson

Okay, they don't look alike at all, but confusion might arise from their names, which are pretty similar (it goes without saying I thought they were the same person for years), and their jobs, which are also pretty similar (both are film directors). Luckily they're easy to distinguish by their films. Paul Anderson, or Paul W S Anderson, was born in Newcastle, England, and makes crap films like Resident Evil, Mortal Kombat and Death Race. The other Paul Anderson, also known as Paul Thomas Anderson, was born in California, and makes almost-great but slightly pretentious films like Magnolia, Punch-Love Drunk and There will be Blood. Both of them, perhaps to avoid the whole common name confusion thing being passed onto another generation, have given their children uniquely ridiculous names: PWSA has called his child Ever Gabo whilst PTA named his Pearl Minnie.


The uncaring said...


Who gives a shit?

Barnaby said...


(Probably no one at all)