Thursday, March 24, 2011

Censor the Census?

Everyone should be included in the census – all people, households and overnight visitors. It is used to help plan and fund services for your community – services like transport, education and health. Taking part in the census is very important and it's also compulsory. You could face a fine if you don't participate or if you supply false information.

That's what the website tells us. What it doesn't tell us is that the second largest arms manufacturer in the world, American firm Lockheed Martin, responsible for arming dictatorships around the world, were awarded the £150m contract to run the census and process the data.

There are protests planned across the UK on Saturday and many people are refusing to fill in the form, at the risk of a £1000 fine and a criminal record. However, not filling in the form may deprive councils – and us – of much-needed funds if there are large numbers of people unaccounted for. It's a tough one.

Do write: Religion: Jedi
Don't write: Occupation: Terrorist (you'll probably get a phone call from a Lockheed Martin representative asking if you'd be interested in purchasing any missiles.)


Census luddite said...

It not a tough decision....DO NOT FILL OUT THE CENSUS is the answer.
And btw Lockheed are the second largest arms manuafacturers not the first.
But still that makes no difference if you're going to be supeenered by the US government for any information they deem necessary.
Lockheed is a US company and they are processing our census details, all US company information is subject to US laws, this means if the US government believe some information you write on your census (no matter how insignificant or improbable)you may believe) will help them in a case of law you can be supeenered to stand trial in a US court.
For more details look at:

Barnaby said...

Many thanks for the additional info. That's quite a worry.