Wednesday, January 05, 2011

King Henry's Mound

Another random photo of nothing (you're asking yourself)? Au contraire, this is the view from King Henry VIII's Mound in Richmond Park (a short walk from Ian Dury's solar-powered bench), where you can see a clear view (on a clear day; and take a decent photo, with a decent camera) straight through to St. Paul's Cathedral, ten miles away. It is one of only eight protected views through central London looking towards St. Paul's.

The view from the other side is, if anything, more impressive, with panoramic views of the Thames valley including Windsor castle thirteen miles away.

Originally a burial mound, the (vegan) people I was with found it somewhat shocking that anything at all was allowed to be built on it. Most other burial mounds or barrows are protected, sacred sights. As it stands, there's a spiral path leading up to the top of the mound with various plaques, benches and a telescope. And lots of tourists.

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