Friday, January 07, 2011

Found: 1697 William III half penny coin

As a child I used to hunt for firewood with my dad in skips and on the banks of the Thames; with my mum I used to go to jumble sales. As an adult I frequent charity shops and car boot sales. I comb beaches for fossils and ditches for old road signs. It probably goes without saying that I've spent most of my life looking in the gutter for treasure.

My brother was never interested in any of these things so it irks me somewhat that, after a post-Christmas family walk through Richmond* Park, and along the Thames, then up to Petersham, near Ham House, he finds a 1697 William III half penny coin worth up to £300 on the pavement. And then is completely blasé and nonplussed about it.

Offers in excess of £150, please.

*It feels like I haven't left Richmond for at least the past week. This is my last Richmond-related post. For a while. I promise.


Anonymous said...

Those that seek shall never find.
Those that let the mind do the seeking shall have greater rewards.
And anyway, you're not allowed to advertise this 'find' without permission from the possessor.

Barnaby said...

I knew I'd been going wrong somewhere. However, you are only the owner. Currently, physically, I am the possessor.