Thursday, September 02, 2010

Rubinise Me

It's well known that seemingly over-the-hill musicians such as Johnny Cash and Neil Diamond had their careers resurrected by producer Rick Rubin but could he do the same with actors?

Let's take one such has-been: Hugh Grant – once thought to be the modern equivalent of Cary Grant, even though he can't act and has never been in a good film – has been in a bit of slump recently, what with his foppish manner, floppy hair and bumbling charm perhaps now out of date. What's needed is the Rubiniser to breath some life back into his work by suggesting a back to basics approach: a low-budget film shot in England. Rubin will produce and perhaps, why not, put Ken Loach at the helm. Or maybe have Grant as a Kenneth Williams-type in a Carry On film. I'll leave the details to Rick.

Maybe Rubin could extend his range even more and do some life coaching. Perhaps the average Joe needs a bit of Rubinising. We all get a bit bored of ourselves and need a bit of re-inventing once in a while. What better man to do it?


Anonymous said...

Have you gone completely insane? Not only is Hugh Grant a TOP actor, but it's Cary not Carey Grant, and frankly, your 'ideas' of how to resurrect Hugh Grant's career are bonkers. A Kenneth Williams type character???

Pearce said...

Wow, just a little hostility from Anonymous there... think they might have missed the humour?

I take slight issue that he has "never been in a good film" - your opinion might vary, but I think that Ken Russell's The Lair of the White Worm is a masterpiece! Any movie where a vampiric snake-woman is hypnotised by snake-charming music played on bagpipes pleases me.

Barnaby said...

My 'humour' is lost on many.

I was probably being unfair and somewhat controversial. A quick look through his CV reveals some early gems that have got overlooked by his later, more popular Richard Curtis films. Lair of the White Worm is certainly one; I also enjoyed The Englishman who went up a Hill but came down a Mountain, Bitter Moon and Sirens – though whether the success of these films has much to do with Mr Grant's acting ability is a moot point.

Fans of his might be interested to know one of his middle names is 'Mungo'.

Anonymous said...

Er, I think it's you two who missed the humour of my comment. As if I'd go that over the top in defending the delicious Mr Grant in reality. I mean I like him and everything, but really...