Thursday, September 30, 2010

RIP Arthur Penn, 1922-2010

Arthur Penn, American film director, died 28 September. Pictured: The Missouri Breaks; Mickey One; Little Big Man; Bonnie and Clyde; The Chase and Night Moves.

I haven't mentioned the passing of another favourite director, Claude Chabrol, French suspense master, who died 12 September this year, aged 80.


Pearce said...

Night Moves is a neglected classic.

Barnaby said...

Absolutely. It fits in well with other Hackman's other classics of that decade such as The Conversation, The French Connection and Prime Cut, but is rarely mentioned. I always thought he looked too young and awkward in Bonnie and Clyde – ageing can do a lot for an actor. The 1970s was when Hackman came into his own. Night Moves is also notable for a young Melanie Griffith and James Woods (they would appear together again in Larry Clark's Another Day in Paradise, some twenty-odd years later). Griffith started off as she meant to go on – by showing her breasts, which I believe she's done in almost every film she's been in since.

Night Moves reminds me of another great L.A.-by-the-beach-in-the-1970s-film-noir – Altman's The Long Goodbye.