Monday, August 09, 2010


‘I haven’t been to any place I wanna go back to, that’s for sure.’
– Warrren Oates in Bring me the Head of Afredo Garcia

Is that your name?
Or do you live here?
Dark sunglasses
In the morning
Do you work here?
Shanty town
Not tinsel town
Do you like it?
He’s a wanker
Do you like it?
Can you imagine anything else
Besides it?
Won’t help it
House white
Casa Sport
But he’s no sport
Cigar smell
City hell.

(Casablanca, Morocco, 1995; to be sung to the tune of Bryan Ferry's song Casanova, from which I 'borrowed' a few lines. Not a single shot of the film Casablanca was actually shot in Casablanca.)

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