Thursday, May 27, 2010

What if?

She said ‘touch wood’ and looked around for a bit of wood. Not finding any, panicked a bit, then remembered a box of matches in her pocket, with a picture of a fez on the front. Intelligence is just a matter of taste (we all learn different things).

‘What if I told you I could turn into a chair... No... What if you went to the toilet and when you came back I had morphed into that chair beside you?’
‘I’d sit on top of you.’
‘But what if I then said I could turn into a knife?’

‘I wish I could freeze time when I’m lying in bed. Would I be allowed to move? There’d have to be conditions. I’d be allowed to move. But would I be allowed to open a door? Yes, I can move inanimate objects. Would I be able to have a cigarette? Would I be able to produce fire?’

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