Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Random Short Horror Film Reviews

Dir: Tobe Hooper | 1974 | USA | 84min
With its Vincent Van Gogh sunflowered fields and Salvador Dali clocks on trees, a definite art movie. In the second half, a grotesque sitcom. The most pro-vegetarian film ever made; a metaphor for murderous McDonald’s if ever there was one.

Dir: Don Coscarelli | 1979 | USA | 88min
The women are from Roxy Music record covers; one stands behind a bush holding a knife then turns into the tall old funeral director in the black suit. Little Jawas from Star Wars roam around. God knows what’s going on, but it doesn’t seem to matter: it’s all rather abstract, sometimes scary and sometimes beautiful.

Dir: Abel Ferrara | 1979 | USA | 96min
Dir: Mary Harron | 2000 | USA | 101min
Both the film Driller Killer and the book and film American Psycho inhabit very specific settings which at once date them: the art scene of the seventies in Driller Killer and the yuppies of Wall Street in the eighties in American Psycho. Both are set in New York; both are about psychos. Both depict a ‘scene’ and the frustrations and pointlessness of that scene. One has no feelings, the other has too many feelings. But both are really about business and art just not mixing.


raven said...

Ample fodder for a voracious horror fan on this side of the globe (Look Out-He's Got a Knife). Phantasm sounds particular weird and intriguing. Check out Sante Sangre if you haven't already. kate

Barnaby said...

Hi Kate. I love Sante Sangre! I do check out your friend's Knife blog from time to time. Haven't been brave enough to leave a comment yet.

raven said...

love your blog Mr Atwell :)

Barnaby said...

Thank you very much, Miss Raven!