Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pizza Night

The other Friday whilst waiting for a bus, two drunk/stoned teenagers come up to me with massive pizza boxes in their arms. One of them tells me this is my lucky night. He has too much pizza, do I want some? He assures me there's nothing wrong with it, no one's spat on it. As it happens, I am quite hungry after the pub so I go for the pepperoni. The guy gives me two slices and some garlic bread too. Suddenly his box falls and his pizza goes all over the pavement – bar the two slices he'd just given me. Then my bus turns up. I offer to give my slices back but he says no. I apologise – though it's not really my fault, but when he said it was my lucky night he really didn't know me – and he's all mock pissed off. Anyway, I get on the bus with my two slices. He comes on the bus and shouts "He's just stolen my pizza!" and runs off. Everyone stares at me. I give a look of pure innocence back.

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