Tuesday, June 30, 2009


It's all very well reading quality writing online but there's still nothing like holding a magazine in your hands and flicking through it. Afore-mentioned Chris Chapman (publisher of Gullible Travels) has done it again. His Chapbook 2009 – A Hard Slow Log is a fanzine (well, cunningly designed to look like one anyway) with parts pillaged from this very blog as well as Chris's own writing, photos, an amusing photo-strip called Vegan Girl and a world exclusive – the first review of Gullible Travels. My stuff reads even better in Chapbook than it does online – I promise!

Available to buy* now from... I'm not sure actually. Maybe you should ask him. Most likely small yet ubercool record/design/clothes shops in Shoreditch. They'll go like hot cakes. Buy/take yours now. You don't want to have to shell out three figure sums for one on eBay do you?

*I'm not sure either if it costs money or not. Probably free – these sort of ventures are done for love, not money. He'll make the money up on advertising and fame, don't worry.

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Melanie May said...

Are you two in love?