Sunday, June 04, 2017

Lookalikes #39: Henry Darger and Marcel Dzama

I've written about Henry Darger previously; Marcel Dzama is a contemporary artist who also works in scultpure, film and collage. His paintings have adorned album covers, he's had books published. Henry Darger, outsider artist, was a caretaker and hermit, creating his deeply personal art in his apartment at night. I love both Darger and Dzama, but almost can't imagine Dzama's art existing if it wasn't for Darger.

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Caspar said...

can't imagine Dzama's art existing if it wasn't for Darger

Absolutely. I love Dzama, but he copped a lot from Darger. Incidentally, I always thought the latter's stuff looked traced. I didn't know till I read your piece that this was a known fact.

Caspar said...

...Your other blog piece on Darger, I mean.

Barnaby said...

Yes I don't think he was a natural artist or had any training, but he had a vision to get across... tracing from catalogues did the trick.