Thursday, April 21, 2016

Eye catching

I tried to catch her eye
On the 8:15
To East Sheen
But it rolled on the floor
Got caught in the door
Causing a delay
That lasted all day.

Her eye got the squash
But for not much dosh
She bought an eye patch
Which went well with her hat:
A perfect match.

After that traumatic event
Some fury she had to vent.
First she quit her dull job
And became a form of yob.

To be exact:
She became a train pirate
Which went well with her name
(It was Violet)
She sailed the rails all day
Better, certainly, was the pay
The work varied and interesting,
Hours flexible.


T-1000 said...

There once was a pirate called Violet
And though her hat and her patch
Were a quite perfect match
She still missed her eye quite a lot

T-1001 said...

She bought a glass eye
But only to chuck
At passers-by.

T-1000 Original and the best said...

Chucking glass eyes
At all passers-by
Was a habit too profligate
Even for a pirate
So only at guys would she hurl
Unless the girl wore pearls
Or when her train was running late

T-1001 said...

T-1000 vous etes plus Dieu que l'homme

T-2.5K said...

That's not poetry – it doesn't even rhyme.

T1000 said...

A haiku response to the T-2.5K...

The poems I write
Don't always rhyme all the time.
None the less, they rock.

T-3,450 said...

Yes that's true
Like a rock
To the bottom of the sea
They sink
Because they stink.

T-1000 said...

A haiku response to the T-3450

Sinking like a stone
Wrapped in the sea's embrace
The pearls before swine