Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Top 10 Scottish Bands

1. Belle and Sebastian
Best album: Tigermilk (1996)
2. Boards of Canada
Best album: Music has the Right to Children (1998)
3. Orange Juice
Best album: You Can't Hide Your Love Forever (1982)
4. Teenage Fanclub
Best album: Bandwagonesque (1991)
5. Cocteau Twins
Best album: Treasure (1984)
6. Incredible String Band
Best album: The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter (1968)
7. Arab Strap
Best album: Philophobia (1998)
8. The Beta Band
Best album: The Three EPs (1998)
9. Mogwai
Best album: Young Team (1997)
10. The Jesus and Mary Chain
Best album: Psychocandy (1985)

Tonight is Burns Night.


Doufus said...

Boards of Canada are Scottish?! I thought they were Canadian!

James said...

A fine list, but no Ballboy. A Peel favourite, and my long time favourite purveyors of downbeat, dark deliciousness.

Barnaby said...

It's an easy mistake to make Doufus!

Very obscure of you, James. I had not heard of them.

Anonymous said...

Teenage Fanclub is Grand Prix

bobbyonion said...

I might even add Frightened Rabbit to that list of yours Barn.

Barnaby said...

Grand Prix, yes, have heard it's good. Will check it out. Thanks.

Don't know Frightened Rabbit, Bob.