Monday, November 14, 2011

My daughter's (aged 5) top twenty films

1. Grease (Kleiser, 1978)
2. Return of the Jedi (Marquand, 1983)
3. Sleeping Beauty (Geronimi, 1959)
4. The Fox and the Hound (Berman, 1981)
5. Clash of the Titans (Davis, 1981)
6. The Golden Voyage of Sinbad (Hessler, 1974)
7. Pocahontas (Gabriel, 1995)
8. Tarzan (Buck, 1999)
9. Tangled (Greno, 2010)
10. Peter Pan (Geronimi, 1953)
11. The Railway Children (Jeffries, 1970)
12. Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue (Raymond, 2010)
13. Bambi (Hand, 1942)
14. Mary Poppins (Stevenson, 1964)
15. Bedknobs and Broomsticks (Stevenson, 1971)
16. Aladdin (Clements, 1992)
17. Pirates of the Caribbean (Verbinski, 2003)
18. The Aristocats (Reitherman, 1970)
19. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (Hughes, 1968)
20. Star Wars (Lucas, 1977)

I last did a similar list a couple of years ago, when my daughter was three. There I mentioned getting her to watch Jan Svankmajer's version of Alice in Wonderland by the time she's four. Well, it took me a year later, and though it's not on the list, she did love watching it, aged five. Really, though, I don't know how half this stuff gets on her list. Grease? Star Wars? Pirates of the Caribbean? And only three films from the last decade? I'd have a word with her mother.

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Barry Norman said...

For a five year old, I think her list shows a maturity beyond her years, combined with really quite excellent taste. I note in particular the presence of Dick Van Dyke films on the list. I have been lucky enough to meet him on more than one occasion, and both he and I would very much like to meet your daughter's mother if you think she'd be amenable to such a suggestion. Let me know.

Barnaby said...

Baz, I agree – the list is varied and quite impressive. As for her mother, seeing as she adores Mr Van Dyke, I'm sure she would be very amenable. She's that kind of woman.

Barry Norman said...

Is she indeed? Good to hear - I will be in touch shortly through a more private channel for her phone number.