Saturday, November 06, 2010

Record Cover of the Day: Erotic Terrorism

It's not often you see the words 'Erotic' and 'Terrorism' side by side, but here they are, the title of Fun-Da-Mental's third album (1998). There was a brief period, somewhere in the late 90s when I was quite into Fun-Da-Mental, a British (yet anti-western), radical, Islamic hip-hop, dance and world music band. Sometimes the mix works; sometimes not. They're usually pretty controversial. I like the title and the cover of Erotic Terrorism, a parody of a Bollywood film poster. Perhaps not even parody – their music does also contain elements of sounds from Indian films.


james said...

Ah those care free days of the 90s. Wonder if that album has been banned in the US yet?

Barnaby said...

Not banned from Yet. You can also get their 1999 album Why America Will Go To Hell, but it doesn't seem very popular stateside.