Sunday, April 11, 2010

Not so Innocent after all

Pret a Manger were bought by McDonald's; Green & Black by Cadbury (recently bought by Kraft); Body Shop by Estee Lauder; now Coca-Cola has taken a majority stake (58%) in Innocent Drinks.

They all say they're 'different', 'ethical' and 'green' but at the end of the day they are motivated by profit, greed and expansion (Innocent want their smoothies in every country in the world).

I've met a few people who have worked at Innocent and actually spouted the company bollocks outside of work – either expounding on the benefits of the smoothie combination of kiwis, apples and limes or gushing how much working there feels like being part of a happy family – and then being shell-shocked when made redundant with no notice or compensation.

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