Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Expecting Rain Daily

I've just had an extremely geeky email about Bob Dylan box sets posted on one of my favourite Dylan sites, the Dylan Daily. Read it here. Along with Expecting Rain, they're just about the only Dylan sites I look at.

Nick Hornby amusingly describes a Dylan fanatic in his book, 31 Songs, thus: 'I have a friend who stays logged on to the Dylan website Expecting Rain most of the day at work – as if the website were CNN and Dylan's career were the Middle East – and who owns 130 Dylan albums.' I'm pretty bad, but nowhere near that bad a fanatic. Twice a day. Tops.

Footnote: Talking of rain... this very post was link #1 on Expecting Rain, Tuesday 15 December, 2009.


Anonymous said...

Twice a day. Is that counting the times you just have a quick look to see if anything has happened ? Admit it we're all Dylan tragics.

Anonymous said...

Relax - Expecting Rain is only updatede once a day isn't it?

So if somebody's been following it on a per minute basis - shouldn't he/she maybe get prof. help??

But it's the best Dylan site. :-D

Best regards

Unknown said...

They must be into the discussion forum part of the site. I like the idea that nick hornby has been reading my posts.

Barnaby said...

I was under the impression links were added throughout the day... I looked once in the morning the other day and there were about 10 links, then later on there were over 20. Maybe it's only on busy days...