Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Three Short-Sighted Mice

Gordon Brown as The Clown
Geoff Hoon as The Buffoon
Alistair Darling as The Twat

It's great living in a democracy. You can say whatever you like, protest as much as you like, sign petitions along with thousands of others... and nothing will happen. If this was, say, Sri Lanka, where last week newspaper editor Lasantha Wickramatunga was the latest journalist to be murdered for expressing anti-government sentiments, half our newspapers, magazines and satrical TV programmes would be shut down within hours. But isn't there a contradiction here? In 'free', democratic countries, no one cares what you write or say – and nothing changes. In fascist dictatorships, your every word is read or listened to for possible government criticism. At least they're paying attention!

New Labour – ever notice when something's called 'new' it ages really fast? – has ignored the general public, leading experts, journalists, broadcasters, advisors and the opposition about virtually every issue since coming to power. We all know Labour long ago sold their souls (and much of this country) to big business but this past week has been especially pig-headed even for them. Last week, Geoff Hoon gave the go ahead for the Heathrow runway 3, casually brushing aside any environmental issues. A day or so later, Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling rejected French and German plans for a more 'moral' form of capitalism and new curbs on the global marketplace and international trade. Apparently Labour want to forge ahead like the great Empire days.

The Guardian notes that, 'Campaigners for reform of the world economic system expressed alarm that Gordon Brown had failed to learn lessons from the credit crunch.' Expressed alarm that he'd failed to learn lessons? I'd expect nothing less from the man.

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